About Us

The Plumbing Company is owned by Herman Louwrens, a certified plumber in Durbanville. Herman has been operating in the plumbing industry for the past 20 years. He has served on the executive committee of The Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA): Western Cape for the past 9 years, where his vast technical knowledge is utilised.

The largest purchase most of us will make is buying a home, so as the biggest investment, we need to make sure we take care of it. Regular maintenance is required to keep things looking and running in top condition. Plumbing is one thing that should be top of the list. if you overlook the simple maintenance needs of your pipes, drains and toilets, you don’t just become more vulnerable to losing on-demand hot and cold water; you also run the risk of dealing with major and expensive repairs down the road.

The Plumbing Company is committed to providing professional plumbing service in Durbanville and surrounding areas at an affordable rate. We specialise in leak detection using advanced leak detection equipment such as thermal imaging testing, sound equipment, dye tests or gas tests. Other services include plumbing maintenance and repairs such as geyser installation, drainage & blocked drains, faulty toilet repair, burst pipe repairs, washing machine, dishwasher & fridge connections to name a few.

Chances are you probably aren’t spending too much time thinking about the network of water and sewer pipes inside your walls that deliver hot and cold water and eliminate your waste. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But like your other home maintenance needs, taking a proactive approach to your home’s plumbing can offer significant savings and benefits. Problems like these are completely avoidable if the right steps are taken. By giving your plumbing a little regular attention, you can prolong its life, prevent leaks and prevent simple fixes from turning into costly repairs. Here are a few of the benefits of regular plumbing maintenance:

  • Ensures smooth running of systems
  • Prevention of water temperature spikes
  • Protective warranties and guarantees
  • Assures that your plumbing is up to code and safe

When you enlist the experienced professionals at The Plumbing Company to perform annual plumbing maintenance on your home, we are careful and thorough to ensure we spot any issues, big or small.

Our administrative staff handle all the queries and correspondence from our office while our experienced & qualified plumbers/plumbing teams are on the road servicing clients in Durbanville, Bellville, Brackenfell, Parow, Monte Vista, Goodwood, Edgemead, Bothasig and surrounding areas of the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.